Bridgestone EVASAFE’s excellent fire behaviour certified again

Patent-registered interlayer in exclusive distribution by InsertTec hardly inflammable and non-fusible

Certified quality: InsertTec's Bridgestone EVASAFE

Bridgestone EVASAFE, the interlayer in exclusive distribution by InsertTec for the German, Austrian, Swiss, Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourgian market is classified hardly inflammmable on the basis of another test in accordance with EN 13501-1. The catalyser air for burn-up is missing in the laminated state.

Due to its reliable product feature which makes EVASAFE non-refusible after the processing, the interlayer does not drip in case of fire. In addition, the smoke emission is very low. The relevant certificate can be requested at InsertTec. We like to consult you regarding all safety aspects as well as general questions concerning glass lamination.


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