New Bridgestone EVA interlayer types on sale

BBB InsertTec extends portfolio for glass lamination and glass refining

The German Institute for Building Technique just extended Bridgestone EVASAFE's building certification on two brand new interlayer types which are on sale by InsertTec now: EVASAFE "Milky White" and "Daylight".

Meanwhile, glass foliation has become a new trend regarding the design of facades and interior stylistic elements. In the process of planning larger building projects, glass refining by EVA interlayer constantly attracts growing interest. Bridgestone‘s reply to the increasing demand for layout variety is the expansion of its EVASAFE portfolio. New techniques regarding the lamination of glass offer nameable architecture offices the possibility of adding so-called design inserts to the building material. This clears the way for fascinating scopes for design. On the one hand, glass facades may be impressively played to the gallery by EVASAFE interlayers. On the other hand, interior designers use glass lamination for creating individually harmonised stylistic elements and create inside eye-catchers.

Mindless of design inserts another important function of glass refining by the use EVA interlayers is safety. BBB InsertTec‘s high-tech products grant the bearing glass its high stability and resistance - a new quality which effectively prevents breakage.

InsertTec offers the certificated EVASAFE "Milky White" providing perfect blinds effects in the dimension of 2.200 mm x 65 m. "Daylight" is the first EVASAFE interlayer without the standardized ultraviolet filter. Thanks to its higher lucency it is perfectly capable for inside designs and special applications such as green houses and terrariums. The product is available in the alternative dimensions of 1.260 mm and 1.800 mm on a 130 m coil each. The material thickness of both EVA interlayer types, "Milky White" and "Daylight", is 0,4 mm.

The numerous facets of glass design by the use of glass lamination break an additional market to many manufacturers of flat glass as well as flat glass processing workshops. With its high-tech EVA interlayers BBB InsertTec can be classified as one of the pioneers and leaders in the field of glass industry supply with EVA products. Therefore, worldwide market leader Bridgestone chose InsertTec as exclusive distribution partner for EVASAFE in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.      

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