Laminate Your Ideas. Preserve Emotion.

There is no inevitable need for the famous monuments in this world in order to stir up our heartstrings. Also in inconsiderable, hidden, rather unknown places big feelings may often be rooted. Just human experience and special moments create the individual spirit, the literally felt value of a place or building.

In the ideal case, architecture always means direct dealing with human beings.

Richard Meier

Whereas all great human visions are aroused by strong emotions and include the potential to create magnificence, this especially applies to art and architecture. In those fields emotions are the essence of all important creations. They may build bridges from superficially unimportant, inconsiderable places directly to our minds.

At InsertTec we are looking for just these places in which creativity meets substance, rooms in which we may support you with the transformation of your distinguished ideas to create something new and artistically preserve deep impressions.

„ Your buildings are exactly as you are.“

Louis Sullivan


Refine your staircases with EVGUARD Interlayers from InsertTec

Creative people are looking for extraordinary solutions. Therefore, we offer you a very special tool for the wide field of intelligent glass design. On this site we would like to attract your notice to the numerous possibilities you can benefit from by use of our unique ethylene-vinyl acetate products in the glass lamination process.

Allow us to give you a deeper understanding of our world of glass foliation and our services for the unlimited development of vitreous visions.

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