What is EVA Interlayer?

EVA is a lucent interlayer made of ethylene-vinyl acetate which is placed in between two glass layers during the process of glass foliation, the production of laminated safety glass (LSG).

„ Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works“.

Steve Jobs

What is so Special About EVASAFE?

Recently, Bridgestone EVASAFE is the first choice premium thermosetting interlayer available in the market for industrial glass manufacture and laminated polymers. Compared to competitive EVA products and cast resins EVASAFE is tridimensionally curable. The product does not contain any flexibilizers and is heat-resisting afterwards its hardening. This means it can not be melted on by subsequent heat conduction.

What are the Unique EVASAFE Characteristics?

By the use of InsertTec products you may grant glass as your favorite building material any important effective long-term characteristic regarding design and safety:

  • Thanks to its excellent adherence and tridimensional curability EVASAFE is fully compatible with a wide range of glass inserts which grants a great scope for design in manifold shapes and colours.
  • EVASAFE may be stocked economically and easily shipped without consideration of any special requirement.
  • EVASAFE is applicable for manifold and simple processing in conventional ovens for lamination as well as per autoclaving.
  • EVASAFE performance tests according to strict Japanese, European and American engineer standards as well as to the Russian GOST certificate guarantee excellent quality regarding solidity, temperature resistance, humidity resistance (also at naked kerbs), yellowing resistance toward UV radiation, durability (also of the inserts) as well as long-term resistance, even under extreme environmental impacts.
  • By reason of the high stability and resistance EVASAFE grants the bearing glass, it widely prevents breakage.
  • In the unlikely case of breakage EVASAFE reduces damages to persons or property by conglutination of the glass components with the EVA interlayer.
  • Owing to its thermal stability EVASAFE is of low flammability.
  • EVASAFE features premium optical and transparent qualities in consideration of light transmission.
  • EVASAFE filters off ultra violet radiation and thereby protects from UV light.
  • EVASAFE may serve as translucent glass blinds.
  • By reason of the sound-absorbing impact of the interlayer, EVASAFE is an efficient noise protection.



BBB InsertTec GmbH is the exclusive distributor of EVASAFE interlayer patented by Bridgestone Corporation, the global leader of rubber manufactures, in central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg). As an officially licensed partner of Bridgestone of course we have all of the design and functional inserts in store and may support you with our full technical know-how for the efficient processing of the glass interlayer and further materials. As a result you can fully apply yourself to your creative job.

If required, we are pleased to support you with an extensive project coordination and to share in your planning and arrangement with our experienced partners. Just contact us.

You have requests regarding the certification of our EVA interlayer, technical requests or requests on other unanswered topics? Do not hesitate to contact us.